Gathering Your Medical Genealogy

Providing a good medical and family history is a crucial way you can help your healthcare provider make correct diagnosis and treatment plan. It will also helpful for your family to be aware of your health status in the event you aren’t able to speak for yourself or make your own healthcare decisions. Your personal […] Read More

The ABCs of Patient Advocacy

Navigating your way through the current medical system may feel daunting and difficult – What questions do you ask? What treatment do you choose? When do you ask for a second opinion? Learning how to be a strong advocate for yourself and your loved ones will provide you with the confidence and knowledge you need […] Read More

What To Do If Your Parent Is Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s

Receiving news that your parent has Alzheimer’s disease is difficult and life altering to say the least, even if the diagnosis is something you’ve suspected for some time. During this emotional and uncertain time, it is not uncommon to be unsure how to act when you spend time with your loved one. Fortunately, there are […] Read More

Connecting with Nature through Parks, Beaches, and Trails will Trump Any Video Game or Movie

As classrooms get larger and the needs of the students more disparate, teachers are leaning more towards technology to assist in the classroom, with the consequence of children spending more time than ever in front of a screen. Adults are experiencing the same in their jobs.  Many employers expect around the clock access to employees […] Read More

Remembering the Person You Love, Admire, & have been Inspired By

June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness month.  We wanted to start the month with this captivating photo series entitled “Reflections”, by commercial advertising photographer Tom Hussey, that is both emotional and stirring. Hussey created the photo series originally as part of an advertising campaign for an Alzheimer’s drug company. However, his photographs have received much […] Read More

Still Alice Author, Lisa Genova, Delivers Inspired Ted Talk on Alzheimer’s

Lisa Genova is the talented author behind the book and movie entitled Still Alice, about an accomplished Harvard professor (Alice) who navigates memory issues, a diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, and subsequent related health changes. As a former college professor and person with a family history of Alzheimer’s disease, I was intrigued by her book […] Read More

Ladies, Your Lifestyle Choices Impact Your Brain Health: What’s Your Health Style?

Wondering how you are doing on health behaviors? Did you know that your sleep habits, exercise routine, food choices, stress management, and environmental health (cleaning products, beauty products, etc.) all impact your brain health?  Check-out this quiz from the to find out what your health style is, so you can identify areas you can […] Read More

Women and Alzheimer’s: National Women’s Health Week

Women in their 60’s are two times as likely to get Alzheimer’s as they are breast cancer, and 2/3 of people in the US with Alzheimer’s are female. Also, the majority of Alzheimer’s caregivers are female. Women are often the caretakers in their homes and tend to prioritize other’s needs before their own. Let’s use […] Read More

10 Steps to Make Life Visually Friendly for those with Alzheimer’s

More than 60% of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease will have a decline in some type of visual capacity, with the most common being motion blindness, depth perception, color perception, and contrast sensitivity1. Recognizing that a person’s behaviors may be impacted by their ability to see and understand their surroundings can be very beneficial for caregivers.  […] Read More

Understanding Your Loved One: Looking at Life through Eyes Impacted by Alzheimer’s

Looking at life through someone else’s eyes seemed an appropriate topic for May, as this is Healthy Vision Month. The obvious discussion for Healthy Vision Month is how to ensure you are taking good care of your visual health. We will get to that topic later this month.  However, I wanted to start with a […] Read More