Connecting with Nature through Parks, Beaches, and Trails will Trump Any Video Game or Movie

As classrooms get larger and the needs of the students more disparate, teachers are leaning more towards technology to assist in the classroom, with the consequence of children spending more time than ever in front of a screen. Adults are experiencing the same in their jobs.  Many employers expect around the clock access to employees […] Read More

Ladies, Your Lifestyle Choices Impact Your Brain Health: What’s Your Health Style?

Wondering how you are doing on health behaviors? Did you know that your sleep habits, exercise routine, food choices, stress management, and environmental health (cleaning products, beauty products, etc.) all impact your brain health?  Check-out this quiz from the to find out what your health style is, so you can identify areas you can […] Read More

Yoga, Meditation, and Memory

Have you heard or read that yoga is amazing for your body and mind, but are afraid to give it a try? The first time I tried yoga I spent the entire class trying to do the same things the people around me were doing. I paid little attention to my own body, and instead […] Read More

New Beginnings in Nature and Cognitive Health for Spring

As the temperatures warm and the ground thaws, the first signs of new life begin to emerge. The green leaves and purple or yellow petals of the crocus flower are a symbol many people associate with spring. The strength and courage this fragile flora musters reminds me of the strength and conviction of a RE:mind […] Read More

3 Great Guided Meditation Videos to Get You Started!

Do you keep hearing about the benefits of daily meditation, but find yourself not sure how to start? Maybe you have started, but are struggling with finding a style that clicks for you.  Here are 3 great guided mediations to get you started. Turn on your speakers, click the link, close your eyes, clear your mind, and […] Read More

Exhale: Eliciting Stress Management and the Relaxation Response One Breath at a Time

Inhale and exhale. Whether you are in a yoga class or getting ready to deliver a baby, you will hear, “Take a deep breath in and then exhale.” Breathing is an involuntary reflex that our body does over and over again each day. Breath supplies our body with oxygen, and without it we would not […] Read More

Art Therapy for Relaxation & Brain Health: Crafting Stress Out of Your Life

Have you ever heard a preschool teacher say, “Art should be about the process, not the product.”? Art therapy involves a meditative or therapeutic process that, like the wisdom espoused by the preschool teacher, is about the process and not the final product. As children we are given permission to squish our fingers into finger […] Read More

Keeping Calm During Uncertain Times: Connect with Your Community to Find Joy

The lead-up to the presidential election and the aftermath have been stressful for most Americans, regardless of which political party you support. It is easy to get wrapped up in the uncertainty of change, and the negativity of people arguing with one another. However, stress and anxiety are not good for your brain. Instead of […] Read More