Dancing Makes the Brain Smarter

As you age, the brain undergoes many change, including: decreased brain tissue, reduction in blood flow, and decline in communication between brain cells. All of these changes can interfere with cognitive functioning, especially learning and memory. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is an age-associated neurodegenerative condition that predominantly affects the memory centers of the brain. Previous studies […] Read More

Get Moving For Your Brain

A new study from Sweden found that women with the highest level of fitness in middle age were 90% less likely to have dementia later in life. This study followed 191 women for over 44 years. Fitness level was initially evaluated in 1968 when the women had an average age of 50 years old. At […] Read More

Ladies, Your Lifestyle Choices Impact Your Brain Health: What’s Your Health Style?

Wondering how you are doing on health behaviors? Did you know that your sleep habits, exercise routine, food choices, stress management, and environmental health (cleaning products, beauty products, etc.) all impact your brain health?  Check-out this quiz from the Womenshealth.gov to find out what your health style is, so you can identify areas you can […] Read More

Chair Yoga for Brain Health and Balance from Home

The internet has given us access to great fitness classes without ever having to leave home.  While there are many wonderful social benefits to attending a group fitness class, as well as the obvious benefit of having a trained instructor be able to watch and guide you safely through the movements, not everyone is able […] Read More