Chair Yoga for Brain Health and Balance from Home

The internet has given us access to great fitness classes without ever having to leave home.  While there are many wonderful social benefits to attending a group fitness class, as well as the obvious benefit of having a trained instructor be able to watch and guide you safely through the movements, not everyone is able […] Read More

Yoga, Meditation, and Memory

Have you heard or read that yoga is amazing for your body and mind, but are afraid to give it a try? The first time I tried yoga I spent the entire class trying to do the same things the people around me were doing. I paid little attention to my own body, and instead […] Read More

New Beginnings in Nature and Cognitive Health for Spring

As the temperatures warm and the ground thaws, the first signs of new life begin to emerge. The green leaves and purple or yellow petals of the crocus flower are a symbol many people associate with spring. The strength and courage this fragile flora musters reminds me of the strength and conviction of a RE:mind […] Read More

3 Great Guided Meditation Videos to Get You Started!

Do you keep hearing about the benefits of daily meditation, but find yourself not sure how to start? Maybe you have started, but are struggling with finding a style that clicks for you.  Here are 3 great guided mediations to get you started. Turn on your speakers, click the link, close your eyes, clear your mind, and […] Read More

Welcome aboard Allison McKeany, Director of Participant Success!

AFFIRMATIVhealth is proud to announce that Allison Evanson, MS, RD is expanding her role within the company. She oversees the diet and nutritional protocol recommendations and follow-on coaching for the RE:mind program.  She will be working within the company on other projects as well, and you will start to hear more from her on our blog and […] Read More

Is Soaking Nuts Really Necessary?

Have you ever eaten a large serving of nuts and felt a little unsettled later? Perhaps you even saw what looked like chopped nuts in your stool. Digestion of nuts requires careful and thoughtful chewing and is aided by soaking and drying nuts before consumption to reduce phytic acid. Phytic acid is found not only […] Read More

Socializing Over a Dish of Nuts: Get Cracking

“This is how we encourage ourselves to eat walnuts and other nuts at our house. I find it to be a great way to encourage ourselves and guests to eat nuts because they’re fun to crack (and they taste better when you eat them individually after cracking them yourself) and it’s fun to stand around […] Read More

Walnuts for Dessert: a Gustatory Experience

GUSTATION: A FANCY WORD FOR TASTE Gustation (taste) is the sensory response produced when something in the mouth reacts chemically with the taste buds. Taste is divided into five categories: sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitterness, and umami (savory or meaty).1 The flavor of a food, often referred to as taste, is influenced by our sense of […] Read More

Marci’s Banana Walnut Muffins

These muffins are a staple in our family – I make a batch nearly every other day. The muffins are a good source of protein, contain healthy fats from walnuts, and are sweetened with a bit of honey and fruit, which helps with blood sugar and appetite regulation. The recipe was inspired by my son […] Read More