What is the RE:Mind program?

RE:Mind is an educational lifestyle management program for people suffering with memory impairment. The first RE:Mind workshops began at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging with a goal of bringing new science to those who suffer early stage cognitive decline or genetic predispositions for Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia disorders. The Affirmativ Health RE:Mind program builds upon the Buck Institute workshops and includes a comprehensive immersion program offering the latest health conscious science and knowledge wellness support for families and individuals suffering from early cognitive impairment, and follow-up coaching for participants. We incorporate the most recent scientific findings on diet, lifestyle and other key factors for maximizing brain health and fighting the effects of neurodegenerative disease.

Why is Affirmativ Health now providing the immersion program instead of the Buck Institute?

Affirmativ Health is a physician-owned company which has a license agreement with the Buck Institute to continue the RE:Mind program. A large portion of proceeds from the RE:Mind program are dedicated to funding the Buck Institute in its continued research on Alzheimer’s and other age-related diseases.

Who is Muses Labs and what is the Individualized Protocol Report?

Muses Labs is a separate company and a partner of Affirmativ Health. Muses Labs provides the evaluation of laboratory studies and the individualized protocol report that is the basis for your individualized assessment. More information on Muses Labs can be found at www.museslabs.com.

Where can I find medical doctor support for RE:Mind?

The RE:Mind offering is new to the field of neurodegenerative disease and many doctors are still unaware of it. Affirmativ Health can help you locate a doctor.

What happens after the initial workshop is over? Will there be continued support?

The workshop is only the beginning of the RE:Mind program. The Affirmativ Health program includes three months of post-workshop coaching to maximize the potential for program success. Our dietitian will follow up with you monthly and at the end of three months you will receive a second protocol report from Muses Labs to assess progress. This second report will require an additional series of blood tests (blood tests are not included in the workshop cost).

Is RE:Mind a cure for Alzheimer’s disease?

Although we cannot guarantee outcomes and do not claim the program to be a cure, this personalized program has shown positive effects for many people in its early phase and a recent publication has shown very encouraging results for improvement in cognitive decline with a similar program.

What is different about your program?

We believe it is becoming more and more clear that Alzheimer’s disease is largely a metabolic disease, and that addressing an individual’s metabolic profile and health may have a greater effect on cognition than standard medical approaches to Alzheimer’s disease, which typically include monotherapy pharmaceuticals with questionable benefit. The RE:Mind program addresses multiple factors in our bodies and brains, including nutrition, stress reduction, exercise, supplements and other factors.

Is this program rigorous? Will I need to stay on it forever?

The RE:Mind program does include multiple lifestyle adjustments, and we recognize that change is difficult, particularly if you are struggling with memory impairment. We provide coaching and ongoing support that will help you make and reach goals for lifestyle change. The goal is to continue these lifestyle modifications and choices on a continual basis.

I’ve been on several different drugs and nothing has worked. Why should I invest in the RE:Mind program?

One of the most discouraging things about Alzheimer’s disease has been the sense of hopelessness shared by individuals and their families and the fact that standard medical therapies thus far have shown relatively minimal benefits. The RE:Mind program is an alternative approach for those who are looking for other options and who are willing to ‘think outside the box.’

Why haven’t I heard about this program before? Why doesn’t my doctor know about it?

RE:Mind is new and many physicians have not yet heard about this approach. Please consult your physician as you investigate and consider participation in the program as the lifestyle changes we recommend will address not only your memory but also your overall health and well being.

Will I need to find a new doctor, or become one of your patients?

RE:Mind is not meant to replace your physician or to function as your physician even though we do have physicians involved in the program. We will provide you with medical information that you should share with your physician, as well as continued support to help make the program work for you.

What is the secret to the success you have realized with RE:Mind? Is there a “magic bullet?”

It is important to know that no single component of the program is “the answer” – it is the combination of actions that is critical for success. The fact that the program is personalized for you, based on your own personal profile, is the secret to success.

How much does it cost? What is included?

Affirmativ Health’s three-month program is $9,950, which includes a four-day immersion workshop (including all lodging, meals, and consultations), two personalized protocol reports (one at the workshop and another at the end three month mark), and telephone – and/or video-based wellness support to help you achieve your goals. Travel, laboratory tests, supplements, and medications are not included in the initial cost. The initial laboratory testing costs approximately $1,000.

Is RE:Mind covered by insurance, Medicaid or Medicare?

At this point, RE:Mind is a private pay program. You may submit your expenses to your insurance provider, but we cannot guarantee payment.