Understanding Your Loved One: Looking at Life through Eyes Impacted by Alzheimer’s

Looking at life through someone else’s eyes seemed an appropriate topic for May, as this is Healthy Vision Month. The obvious discussion for Healthy Vision Month is how to ensure you are taking good care of your visual health. We will get to that topic later this month.  However, I wanted to start with a short video I found online about looking at Alzheimer’s disease through the patient’s eyes to better understand them.  The easiest way to understand how a person is feeling, why they are behaving a certain way, and the way their environment impacts their health and happiness is to literally look at life from their perspective.  I encourage you to check-out this short clip from Pines of Sarasota Education and Training Institute on “Alzheimer’s and Vision Loss”.  It just may give you pause for thought the next time someone you care for can’t find something right in front of them.

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Written by Marci L. Hardy, PhD

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