Excellent Meals

“The excellent meals were an eyeopener to the possibilities in healthy eating, showed us we can enjoy this diet.”  -Participant, March 2016

Life Changing Conference

“All the speakers were enthusiastic, knowledgeable and very helpful.  This was a life changing conference for all of us.” -Participant, June 2016

Exceeded Expectations

“This exceeded my husband and my expectations.  We are so grateful for this opportunity and I am very excited to add to my current program.  We also loved the extras:  wine tasting and the Sonoma walk!” -Participant, June 2016

Exceptionally Fortunate

“I could not have asked for anything better.  I think all of us agreed we were exceptionally fortunate to have our protocols delivered with all these experts to educate us.” -Participant, March 2016

Real Possibility of a Reversal of Memory Loss

“The program is a synthesis of cutting edge science and life style changes including diet, stress reduction, supplements, and exercise. The least you can expect is a healthier mind and body. Beyond that there is the real possibility of a reversal of memory loss.”   –John, November 2015 Participant

Thankful to Have Participated

“Early in 2015 my wife, Pat, was struggling with memory loss. Friends and family had commented on her just not being the same. She was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment by a neurologist and began taking Aricept. The problem seemed to be progressing and there were times that we were surprised at things that she could not remember and tasks that were more difficult. We learned of Dr Bredesen’s paper on reversal of cognitive decline and participated in the March 2016 RE:mind Program. We have implemented several of the recommendations provided in the MEND Protocol and are in the process of implementing more of these. Also, we are treating Pat’s sleep apnea which was discovered early in 2016.”

“Today, there is marked improvement in Pat’s memory and overall outlook on life. We are most thankful for having had the opportunity to participate in this program. The medical knowledge and experience are evident throughout the program. The thorough laboratory testing prior to participating in the program, along with the organization of individualized results and presentation of recommendations is most impressive. Overall, the spirit of caring about each participant and a willingness to do whatever it takes to help each person achieve the best possible results is incredible.”  –Bill