RE:mind Approach

xFight Early-Stage Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia


Despite what you may have heard, it’s possible to treat dementia symptoms.

Watching a loved one fade away is heartbreaking for the family and confusing—even terrifying—for the patient. Nobody should have to experience the tragedy of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) or other forms of dementia.

Pharmaceutical therapies have largely failed to stop or reverse the progression of these diseases. At AFFIRMATIVhealth, we go far, far beyond a simple doctor’s visit. When designing the RE:mind program, we drew upon the latest research to create a revolutionary treatment approach that improves memory and overall cognitive ability. In just a few months, most people see significant progress.

Your familiarity with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia is key to understanding how our approach can improve your memory.

AD is just one condition within the family of diseases known as dementia, which is characterized by memory loss, impaired thinking, personality changes and confusion. AD is the most common cause of dementia, but dementia can also be caused by conditions such as poor vascular health, fluid buildup in the brain, and various genetic diseases.

The latest research has shown that certain forms of dementia, including AD, have a strong environmental and lifestyle component. Rather than having a single, primary cause, dementia typically develops from dozens of factors. Here are just a few of the many causes involved:

  • Hormone, insulin, blood sugar or cholesterol abnormalities
  • Heavy metals or other toxins
  • Vitamin or mineral deficiencies
  • Poor social engagement
  • High stress

Timing is important! When fighting dementia, every day counts.

Dementia is progressive, meaning it gets worse over time. When considering treatment, the cause and timeframe of your dementia is crucial to proper care. Waiting to seek help may hamper your long-term cognitive health.

New hope for those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Discovering the metabolic and lifestyle factors that contribute to most dementia cases is exciting and encouraging for the millions of Americans suffering from these terrible diseases. It also explains why pharmaceutical therapies haven’t been effective—drug treatments tend to only address one mechanism within the body. However, the latest research from our partner organization, the prestigious Buck Institute for Research on Aging, shows that addressing all or most of the factors that contribute to dementia can improve symptoms such as memory loss, confusion, personality change and low quality of life.

Astounding outcomes from the foundational study for the RE:mind program. Most people can return to work and enjoy life like they used to.

In the groundbreaking study that we’ve used to build our RE:mind program, researchers evaluated 10 patients who showed varying levels of dementia-related memory loss and cognitive decline. Of that group, six participants had recently stopped working due to difficulty performing their job duties.

Each participant was put on a comprehensive program to optimize the lifestyle factors linked to dementia. After 6 months on the program, the results were incredible:

  • 90% of participants showed improved cognitive function.
  • All participants who had recently stopped working were able to return to their jobs.
  • The only patient who did not show improvement had very late-stage Alzheimer’s disease.

Since this study was published, AFFIRMATIVhealth has treated hundreds of patients who are now achieving similar results!

An overview of our RE:mind program structure.

At AFFIRMATIVhealth, we’ve adopted the program structure used in the Buck Institute study (above) as the foundation of our two programs: RE:mind Immersion Retreat and RE:mind@home. While each program has a different style of execution, which is explained on their web pages, they both provide effective treatment for dementia using the same overall approach, detailed below.

Step 1: Testing
Because we’re optimizing your lifestyle in over 40 different areas, we need to conduct comprehensive tests, gather information on your current and past lifestyles, and review your medical history. By evaluating your blood work, genetics and cognitive performance, as well as having an in-depth conversation with you and your loved one, we can assemble a complete picture of your health.

Step 2: Plan Formulation & Implementation
After gathering your complete health information, we use a state-of-the-art, proprietary computer algorithm to analyze your information and generate a custom treatment plan based on your personal nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances, lifestyle choices and more. Our experts will then work closely with you as you begin to adopt these changes.

Step 3: Ongoing Coaching & Plan Adjustments
Just as important as developing your planis the coaching and monitoring we provide afterward. Sometimes, your plan will require adjustment after we observe your body’s response to the changes. For example, if we initially discover that you’re deficient in vitamin D, but supplementation doesn’t raise your levels, we’ll need to investigate and solve the deeper reason why your body isn’t absorbing the supplement.

Most people notice significant improvements in their dementia symptoms within 3 months! We understand how difficult it can be to change your habits, but we ask you to trust our expertise and history of great results. By following our plan and suggestions, most people can turn their lives around and avoid the heartache of memory loss, personality change and confusion. And because dementia has a genetic component, it will be worthwhile for family members without present symptoms to learn effective prevention strategies.

AFFIRMATIVhealth isn’t just a group of specialists. We’re a community that we invite you to join.

In addition to working closely with our clinical team, you can interact with your peers in an online community that’s accessible through this website. For many, meeting others struggling with dementia and maintaining long-term communication are some of the highlights of our program. Mutual encouragement can help inspire yourself and others to keep on track toward improved brain and body health.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with AD or another form of dementia, you need to make changes now. Email us at to connect with one of our team members about how you can continue living the life you love.


RE:mind@home Includes

RE:mind@home is designed to address Alzheimer’s disease risk and improve cognitive function using medical and lifestyle therapies, while providing both individualized education and on-going support… all from the comfort of your home.


Receive your personalized Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and dementia treatment plan at home through our secure telehealth system.

RE:mind@Home allows you to experience the full benefit of our program from the comfort of your couch. Via the telephone or Internet, our experts will present your personalized dementia treatment plan and provide ongoing coaching to help improve your memory.

Not familiar with our revolutionary, research-based approach to treatment? Familiarize yourself by clicking the button below:

RE:mind Approach

Providing the information and strategy you need to fight dementia through a personalized plan.

AD and dementia have a long list of contributing factors, including hormone imbalances and nutrient deficiencies. After we’ve received your medical history, test results and other necessary information, we’ll use our advanced computer algorithm to create a personalized treatment plan that’s designed to address the causes of your memory loss. Then, we’ll present this plan to you through our secure telehealth platform. Finally, in addition to explaining your personalized plan, our experts will also provide you with a wealth of information on the nature of AD and dementia.

Ongoing support and coaching allows us to optimize your plan based on your body’s response.

Starting your treatment plan is just the first step. Keeping a close eye on your progress and making necessary adjustments is where our expertise shines. Everyone responds differently to new supplements, food and exercise. By evaluating any changes that you notice and conducting regular testing to monitor your numbers, we can immediately identify hiccups or stalls in your progress and provide you with solutions personalized to your body and mind.

Remember that our experts are here to support you every step of the way. We know how difficult it is to manage these terrible diseases, and we’re dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help you feel like your old self again.

Here’s a quick summary of everything included with RE:mind@home.

For the cost of our program, with no hidden or added fees, you’ll receive:

  • Personal therapeutic plan generated by our state-of-the-art computer algorithm and reviewed by our experts
  • One-on-one telehealth consultations with our specialists
  • Proactive outreach coaching and plan modifications for 3 months to help you continuously improve
  • Regular updates to your plan that are based on the latest research
  • Access to an application to track your progress and an online support community for you and your peers

Time is the most important factor in our ability to improve your memory. Don’t waste another day. To learn more about our programs, email us at

xRE:mind Immersion Retreat

The Lodge at Sonoma

Learn your personalized dementia treatment strategy in a comfortable, quiet and supportive environment.

Step away from your day-to-day to spend three all-inclusive nights at The Lodge at Sonoma, a four-star resort in Sonoma, CA. Here, our Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and dementia experts will walk you through your personalized plan designed to improve your memory and cognitive function.

Not familiar with our revolutionary, research-based approach to treatment? Familiarize yourself by clicking the button below:

RE:mind Approach

The RE:mind Immersion Retreat is structured to give you the tools you need to fight dementia… and to show you how to use them.

Before your arrival at The Lodge, we’ll have processed your test results and developed a customized, comprehensive treatment plan that’s based on your needs. We don’t just offer general advice—every point of emphasis takes your unique body and mind into consideration.

Starting soon after you arrive, you’ll meet with our experts one-on-one over 4 days to discuss the details of your plan. We’ll also organize a series of talks and hands-on classes that will educate you on the nature of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, as well as how to overcome them.

Ongoing coaching lets our experts monitor your health, help you overcome challenges and maximize your progress.

After the retreat ends and you return home, we’ll begin our proactive coaching program. Over the next 3 months, one of our experts will regularly reach out to you to discuss your progress.

In addition to discussing any improvements that you notice, we offer regular testing to monitor your results. If you’re struggling to improve at any point, we’ll work to identify possible roadblocks and provide appropriate revisions to your plan.

The vast majority of people who commit to their plan will experience amazing improvements in their memory, attention, critical thinking and problem-solving ability. Your loved ones may tell you that you seem like your old self again! In fact, in many cases, participants have even returned to work.

Attention companions! Join your loved one for no extra charge.

We understand the importance of your role in this process. That’s why we include you in every aspect of the RE:mind Immersion Retreat. All meals, lodging, presentations and meetings will include you as well as your loved one at no extra charge. Also, if you’re genetically related to the participant, it’s important for you to educate yourself. Many forms of dementia have a genetic component, and taking the proper steps to reduce your risk will help safeguard your mind in the future.

Here’s a quick summary of everything included in the RE:mind Immersion Retreat.

The cost of your retreat includes the following with no hidden or added fees:

Stay for 3 nights/4 days at The Lodge at Sonoma, a 4-star resort in Sonoma, CA

  • Delicious, brain-healthy meals and snacks that are prepared by the executive chef
  • Personal Therapeutic Plan generated by our state-of-the-art computer algorithm and reviewed by our experts
  • One-on-one consultations with our specialists
  • 3 months of proactive coaching to help you continuously improve
  • Regular updates based on the latest research
  • Access to an application to track your progress and an online support community for you and your peers

Discover all the details about our intensive agenda and registration for the RE:mind Immersion Retreat by emailing us at

xRE:mind Risk Assessment

Have others in your family been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease? Genetics plays a major role in your risk for Alzheimer’s disease.  We will help you understand your genetic risk.

In addition to genetic testing, an extensive lab analysis, cognitive assessment, and medical history will be used to evaluate your risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Then we will use your test results to develop a personal therapeutic plan, which will address your unique factors that have been identified through scientific research as potentially being impactful on cognitive health and function.  Finally, when you meet with the RE:mind physician and dietitian, they  will explain  the plan in depth and provide you guidance and support so you can maximize your success when implementing the plan recommendations.