Health Resource Director from AFFIRMATIVhealth’ s RE:mind Program to Present Updated Independent Science and Best Practices for Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Health

August 7, 2017  Novato/Sonoma, CA An article recently published in the scientific journal Lancet reported that approximately 35% of dementia risk is related to a combination of modifiable risk factors, including mid-life hypertension, mid-life obesity, hearing loss, late-life depression, diabetes, physical inactivity, smoking, social isolation, and education.  This research supports results from numerous other studies, […] Read More

AFFIRMATIVhealth Announces Appointment of New President

AFFIRMATIVhealth Announces Appointment of New President July 21, 2017  Sonoma, CA   Sonoma based AFFIRMATIVhealth, PLLC (, presenters of RE:mind, a program created to improve brain health for the millions impacted by Alzheimer’s and dementia, today announced the promotion of Denise M Kalos to President.  Ms. Kalos comes to AFFIRMATIVhealth from the Buck Institute for Research […] Read More

AFFIRMATIVhealth Licenses Buck RE:mind Technology and Offers the RE:mind Program for Early Stage Alzheimer’s Suffers

22 June 2016, Bellingham, WA     Affirmativ Health, PLLC ( has signed a license agreement with the Buck Institute for Research on Aging (Buck) to offer educational immersion workshops for sufferers of mild cognitive impairment (MCI), early stage Alzheimer’s disease (AD), and other early stage dementia types. Affirmativ Health will offer the RE:Mind workshop originally […] Read More

AFFIRMATIVhealth & CareOneTeam to Provide Virtual Team-Based Care for Early Alzheimer’s Patients

AFFIRMATIVhealth & CareOneTeam to Provide Virtual Team-Based Care for Early Alzheimer’s Patients and At-Risk Individuals with RE:mind@home   With RE:mind@home, these patients, and their family caregivers will have 24/7 access to our clinical team, and the coaching, care, and support they need.” — James Wood, MD, Chairman of CareOneTeam’s Advisory Board NOVATO/SONOMA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, […] Read More

AFFIRMATIVhealth Announces New Director of Participant Success

AFFIRMATIVhealth, PLLC (,today announced the appointment of Allison McKeany, MS, RD, as the Director of Participant Success.  I am so inspired by the passion and vision that the AFFIRMATIVhealth team has for providing hope for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease prevention and treatment and I am thrilled to be part of it.” — Allison McKeany SONOMA, […] Read More

Independent Scientific Research Supports AFFIRMATIVhealth’s Alzheimer’s Therapy

Independent scientific research supports AFFIRMATIVhealth’s treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.  The large volume of evidence continually being presented by independent research groups supports the strategy of AFFIRMATIVhealth’s RE:mind program to mitigate cognitive decline with aging. ” — Dr. Brain Kennedy, Scientific Director of AFFIRMATIVhealth SONOMA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 9, 2017 / […] Read More