The Link Between Sugar and Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease has occasionally been referred to as “type 3 diabetes even though the link between sugar, insulin and memory loss was not clearly understood. The only loose association may be that type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease, type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease caused by diet and Alzheimer’s may be both–it has […] Read More

Update – Immune System Dysfunction in the blood- A Predictor of Early Alzheimer’s Disease

Chronic inflammation, which is the long-term activation of the immune system is thought to be a risk factor for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and may even accelerate the disease progression. Scientists have long known that AD-related pathology develops long before clinical symptoms of AD appear, and inflammation is an underlying component of the disease. Previous studies […] Read More

Reversing Alzheimer’s disease in a Mouse Model

A team of researchers from the Cleveland Clinic found that gradually depleting an enzyme called BACE1 blocked the formation of amyloid plaques and improved cognitive function in the brains of mice with Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The study, which was published February 14, 2018 in the Journal of Experimental Medicine*, raises hope that drugs targeting this […] Read More

Non-drug treatment may reverse Alzheimer’s-Associated Memory

  Alzheimer’s disease (AD) was officially recognized over a hundred years ago, but there’s still no effective treatment. About 25% of people in the world are born with one copy the APOE4 gene, which is linked to a higher risk of developing AD.  Nearly 3% of the population has two copies of the gene—one each […] Read More

Women and Alzheimer’s: National Women’s Health Week

Women in their 60’s are two times as likely to get Alzheimer’s as they are breast cancer, and 2/3 of people in the US with Alzheimer’s are female. Also, the majority of Alzheimer’s caregivers are female. Women are often the caretakers in their homes and tend to prioritize other’s needs before their own. Let’s use […] Read More

Can the Effects of Early Alzheimer’s Be Reversed?

Across the globe, the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive impairment are increasing. More than 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease, and it is estimated that every 66 seconds a new person in the US develops the disease. The prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease is so significant that it is responsible for more deaths […] Read More

Integrative Medicine: Healing the Brain Through Scientifically Tested, Whole Body Treatment (part 2)

  AFFIRMATIVhealth is a physician-owned company offering the RE:mind program, an integrative approach to taking control of your own cognitive health. We have a supportive team that includes both alternative and conventional practitioners, working in conjunction with your own treating physician, to provide you with a scientifically rooted, integrative road map for improved cognitive health. […] Read More

Integrative Medicine: Healing the Brain Through Scientifically Tested, Whole Body Treatment (part 1)

In the world of health care, medicine can take the forms of conventional medicine, alternative medicine, complementary medicine, or a hybrid called integrative medicine. Conventional medicine typically includes pharmaceutical or over the counter drugs, therapeutic exercises, and/or surgical interventions. Conventional medicine is what many Americans encounter in hospitals and clinics. While conventional medicine can sometimes […] Read More