New Beginnings in Nature and Cognitive Health for Spring

As the temperatures warm and the ground thaws, the first signs of new life begin to emerge. The green leaves and purple or yellow petals of the crocus flower are a symbol many people associate with spring. The strength and courage this fragile flora musters reminds me of the strength and conviction of a RE:mind participant as they leave our retreats.

The crocus begins to grow under a blanket of snow, when most other flowers are still in dormancy. Its’ leaves will push through the snow’s crust, trusting that the warmth of the sun will overcome the temperature of the air in providing the needed recipe for growth so the flower can flourish.

Like the crocus flower, the attendees of our RE:mind retreats have taken a bold first step, seeking answers for cognitive decline even if a physician may have told them there is no help. Scientific research has shown us that there is an ideal environment to optimize cognitive health. By managing any metabolic deficiencies, adjusting hormone and vitamin levels, and with the right combination of sleep, fasting, exercise, nutrition, and stress management, there is potential for optimizing the environment to slow or delay cognitive decline.  Previous attendees have even described feeling the fog lift as they implemented their personalized protocol, with some able to return to previous hobbies, driving, and even work over time.

Do you find yourself forgetting things you once easily remembered? Are you concerned about dementia or Alzheimer’s because someone in your family experienced these conditions? Let Spring be a chance for growth for you too! Thanks to cutting edge scientific research we no longer have to accept that there is no means to positively impact cognitive health.

Written by Marci L. Hardy, PhD

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