Does the Food I Eat Impact my Risk for Alzheimer’s?

You have probably heard the statement “You are what you eat” at least once in your life. Many people recognize that certain foods are healthier than others, but many people do not see a direct relationship between what they eat and the risk of disease.  This is partially due to the “it won’t happen to me” mindset.  You even hear of the patient with lung cancer who still smokes or the person who goes out to fast food days after a heart bypass surgery.  For many, the childhood feeling of invincibility tends to linger when it comes to health.

However, we now have a condition that is affecting more people than cancer, heart disease, and diabetes…. And this condition is Alzheimer’s disease.

For a long time doctors were trained that there was no way to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease or slow the effects once a diagnosis was made. However, researchers have begun to learn that there are modifiable factors, such as exercise, diet, and stress that can reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and now Alzheimer’s disease.

May is International Mediterranean Diet Month and is the perfect time to dig deeper into the research surrounding how the Mediterranean Diet impacts brain health, how to follow the diet, and to share some favorite recipes.

We wanted to kick-off things off with this short video on the research behind the Mediterranean Diet and its’ association with Alzheimer’s disease. Check out the video and then come back each day this week to learn more about the Mediterranean Diet and to be inspired by some of our favorite recipes to get started!

Written by Marci L. Hardy, PhD

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