RE:mind Immersion – a 4-day Retreat

The Lodge at Sonoma

The RE:mind Immersion Retreats provide an intimate educational and community experience.  The retreat environment affords each participant and their caregiver face-to-face interaction with a physician, dietitian, physical therapist, and numerous other experts. Each retreat brings together individuals and care givers  who share common goals and a desire to take a more aggressive course of action to improve cognitive health.

xRE:mind Immersion Includes

  • Testing and medical data capture;
  • Baseline  personal therapeutic plan;
  • 4-day retreat; and
  • 3 months follow-up coaching;

RE:mind Immersion retreats are held at The Lodge at Sonoma in California, which provides a quiet, relaxing atmosphere that enables attendees to focus on the program. Accommodations and all meals for a participant and their caregiver companion are included in the retreat registration fee.

All meals are specially prepared for the program by the executive chef at The Lodge, following all of the recommended nutritional guidelines. Cooking demonstrations show how easy it is to create delicious, healthy meals when you return home.

Prior to attending a RE:mind retreat, each participant will work with their doctors and other health care providers to provide our team with :

  • Medical history
  • List of medications
  • Results of cognitive tests
  • Lifestyle information
  • Laboratory and genetic testing

This information is then analyzed and a personal therapeutic plan is generated by a sophisticated computer algorithm that is adapted to each participant’s medical history, genetic information, and extensive laboratory data to produce a unique, personal therapeutic plan that outlines recommendations that may impact your brain health and cognitive function.

When participants arrive at our four day retreat in beautiful Sonoma, CA, they will be provided with their personal therapeutic plan and will spend the entire retreat learning more about the science behind this approach and how to successfully implement their personal  plan.

Our doctors conduct one-on-one reviews of each participant’s analysis and recommended therapeutic plan, and outline the individualized, actionable items such as nutrition, lifestyle, cognitive training, and stress reducers that have been identified in scientific research  to reduce the risk for Alzheimer’s disease or potentially improve cognitive function.

Doctors, dietitians, physical therapists, chefs and other industry professionals will instruct you on the benefits of incorporating these changes into your everyday lifestyle. You will learn:

  • What lifestyle changes are appropriate given your genetic and laboratory test results.
  • How nutrition and physical fitness play a role in cognitive health
  • Which foods are recommended for maximizing brain health
  • How sleep deprivation and stress can affect cognitive health
  • How to  reduce stress through exercise, meditation, sleep and other activities
  • What types of mental activity/exercise can positively impact memory and cognitive function

In addition, each participant will have a one-on-one session with our doctors, dietitians and physical therapists to further refine their personal therapeutic plan. These sessions will take you step-by-step through the results of  your analysis and recommended lifestyle and behavioral changes.



We recognize change isn’t always easy. For some participants the recommended personal therapeutic plan may only require minor changes to their everyday lifestyle, while others  may require significant modifications to nutrition, exercise and behavioral habits. The RE:mind program is set up to provide ongoing support from both our professional staff and peer participants.

Ongoing support from the RE:mind Immersion program includes:

  • Proactive coaching outreach for 3 months following the retreat
  • Ongoing updates on latest research and findings
  • Access to an application to track individual progress
  • Online community to support your peers

Diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s can leave individuals and family members feeling hopeless and isolated. We at AFFIRMATIVhealth are here to support you along your path to cognitive wellbeing. To learn more call 855-949-7364.