RE:mind@home is designed to address Alzheimer’s disease risk and improve cognitive function using medical and lifestyle therapies, while providing both individualized education and on-going support… all from the comfort of your home.


xRE:mind@home Includes

  • Testing and medical data capture;
  • Baseline  personal therapeutic plan;
  • 3 months follow-up coaching.

Each participant will work with our telehealth physicians and care coordinators to provide our team with:

  • Medical history
  • List of medications
  • Results of cognitive tests
  • Lifestyle information
  • Laboratory and genetic testing

This information is then analyzed and a personal therapeutic plan is generated to address each participant’s medical history, genetic information, and extensive laboratory data. This plan also includes  personalized recommendations for nutrition and other modifiable lifestyle factors that have been indicated in scientific research as important for  brain health and cognitive function.



We recognize change isn’t always easy. For some participants the recommended personal therapeutic plan may only require minor changes to their everyday lifestyle, while for others it may require significant modifications to  nutrition, exercise and behavioral habits. RE:mind@home provides ongoing support from both our professional staff and peer participants.

Ongoing support from RE:mind@home includes:

  • Proactive coaching outreach for 3 months
  • Ongoing updates on latest research and findings
  • Online community for peer support 

Diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s can leave individuals and family members feeling hopeless and isolated. At AFFIRMATIVhealth we are here to support you along your path to cognitive wellbeing. To learn more call 855-949-7364.