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Can the Effects of Early Alzheimer’s Be Reversed?

Abundant research shows significant benefits of many non-pharmaceutical approaches to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, or even to reverse the effects of early-stage disease. Those with pre-clinical or mild cognitive impairment are most likely to benefit from these approaches. RE:mind is a science-based program that combines all of these promising approaches into a comprehensive, personalized plan based on each individual’s specific biologic and genetic factors.

Empowering Individuals and Families

Our program is designed to empower you and your loved ones to take control of your cognitive health and wellbeing. We educate individuals affected by Alzheimer’s or dementia and their family members to take action now, rather than waiting until cognitive impairment is too severe to address with any known measures.

Cutting Edge Science

Our mission is to incorporate the newest and most relevant scientific research into our program, to educate our participants on how this science may be relevant to them, and to use the latest data to develop customized and personalized action plans.

Advocacy and Support

Dealing with the social and medical issues related to cognitive impairment and understanding your options can be both frustrating and confusing. Our program is designed to provide support to you and your families during this time, while also connecting you to a community of individuals and care givers with similar concerns and goals. We provide coaching, education, and tracking by our staff, as well as a private online support community with input from our experts.