Chair Yoga for Brain Health and Balance from Home

The internet has given us access to great fitness classes without ever having to leave home.  While there are many wonderful social benefits to attending a group fitness class, as well as the obvious benefit of having a trained instructor be able to watch and guide you safely through the movements, not everyone is able to attend these classes.  Getting to classes may be a challenge for regular participation.

At AFFIRMATIVhealth, it is our goal to inform our participants and care givers about the lifestyle, behavior, and metabolic changes needed to optimize their brain health and reduce the risk or effects of Alzheimer’s disease.  We also are dedicated to helping our participants and caregivers with solutions to ensure they can fit these recommended behaviors into their lives.  Yoga is one of the recommended lifestyle behaviors for brain health and improving balance. With that said, here is a compilation of some seated yoga videos that you may enjoy… for those days you can’t make it to the gym or to try before you take the plunge and join a class.

Just remember that we all take deep breaths and we all move every day.  At its most basic, yoga is breath and movement joined together.  We believe that almost anybody with “any body” can find a yoga class that is right for them!

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