Grounding for Reducing Inflammation

Chronic inflammation, which is the long-term activation of the immune system, is thought be a risk factor for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and may even accelerate disease progression.

A simple and attractive non-drug approach to reducing inflammation, known as “Grounding,” is gaining interest among researchers and the public. “Grounding” or “Earthing” refers to the direct contact of the body to the earth. Typically, bare feet or hands are put into contact with the soil, sand, water, or even grounding systems.

Most people have lost regular contact with the earth and some experts believe that this disconnect may be a contributor to the many of the rampant health problems we face today.  A growing body of research is finding numerous health benefits of the physical body being grounded.

The most immediate effect people report from being grounded is that they ‘feel better’. This has been described as having a greater sense of peace, feeling more calm, and having reduced stress levels. Regular grounding may improve immune function, digestion, cognition, sleep, blood circulation, inflammation and chronic pain. Grounding can stabilize the body’s basic biological rhythms, aid in the healing process, and reduce stress, anxiety, and irritability. While most benefits of grounding come from anecdotal reports, there is emerging evidence-based research that has found that grounding helps to reducing pain and inflammation.

In a small pilot study of 12 subjects, grounding the human body during sleep using a grounding device reduced levels of cortisol and restored the natural 24-hour circadian rhythm.  Grounding also aided in the resolution of painful chronic inflammation in studies using medical infrared imaging.

The results from several pilot studies have been so compelling that researchers are encouraging people to increase their contact with the earth. Grounding may be a simple approach to reduce inflammation, with no negative side effects. To experience the benefits of grounding for yourself, try walking barefoot on the beach or grass or work in the yard without gloves. You may be surprised at the benefits of such a simple activity.

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