Is that Left-Over Halloween Candy Harming Your Brain?

The ghosts and goblins have all gone home, and you are faced with a dish of candy calling out to you. Researchers are finding a significant connection between sugar intake and Alzheimer’s disease.  In fact, you will often hear Alzheimer’s disease called “type 3 diabetes.”  Researchers have identified that not only is candy bad for your waist line, but it is also detrimental to brain health.  The reality is, if you keep the candy in your house you are eventually going to eat it.  Instead of tempting fate with the leftover candy this year, consider donating it.

  1. Operation Gratitude is an organization that collects and ships candy to U.S. troops, first responders, and veterans.
  2. Support your local first responders by contacting a local fire station to see if they would like candy.
  3. The Ronald McDonald House will accept wrapped candy donations in many locations. Contact your nearest Ronald McDonald House to see if they would like your leftover candy.
  4. Think of other local programs such as a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or food pantry that may really appreciate the sweet treats. They spend their funds trying to provide nourishing meals, but many people appreciate a sweet treat on occasion.
  5. Contact a local church, as they may know individuals who would appreciate the treat or they may be able to use it for a Harvest Carnival, youth group, or Vacation Bible School.

This year instead of tempting yourself with a cupboard of candy, solve the problem by donating your leftovers to individuals in need. Not only are you saving your waistline and brain, but you can feel good knowing you did a good deed as well.

Happy November!

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